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Poll: Group 2

Group 2: shotglass through zooey_glass04.
kybok, kyuuketsukirui, lady_clio, lainey_chan, laurus_nobilis, lord_dingsi, lovehiei13, lucidscreamer, m_a_foxfire, m_butterfly, maiiau, malnpudl, marag, mashlie, mecurtin, mellowpeep, mergle, mimi_sardinia, miss_marion, miyako_no_hana, mocha_macchiato, mofoslotmachine, molotov_bitch, moriath, murasakisilver, nakeisha, naomi_noelle, niemandhier, non_horation, o2baway, opera142, opheliastorn, oracleofdoom, papa_to_asobou, paranoidamoeba, phantomas, phoebonica, plutospawn, prongsphile, pyrasaur, raeyashi, rantinan, redbyrd_sgfic, revelininsanity, rinoared, rokeon, ryokosp21, sarah_frost, sdragon, seiberwing, seshennu, sinluxuria, sirena_lune, six_crazy_guys, slipperyliz, slytherin_heart, solo____, sparky_chaos, starpiper, starry_arte, stasha2g, subtextshowing, tangentialone, telesilla, temperance_k, tephra_adularia, the__ivorytower, theficklepickle, thothscribe81, trimurti_tuner, trustanti, turloughishere, tyra_amria, vampirenaomi, vane_authoress, veggiebelle, veleda_k, vinyagaariel, vytresna, were_lemur, whitetigah, wicked_crayon, wingstar, wisdomeagle, wolfgangmozart, wordsofastory, yume_no_kage, zannechaos, zooey_glass04
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Poll: Group 1

Group 1: _dahne_ through kuuriku.
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Upcoming poll

Things are going to get kind of messy here in a minute.

I have belatedly realized that it is not possible to use custom friendsgroups in a community. Which means that my initial plan of making sure that each group only sees its own poll? Not going to work. So I'm going to have to rely on everyone's discretion. Obviously this may (and probably will) skew my results, but I'd rather take that chance than toss the study out entirely now...

When you see your username listed for a group, only click on the cut and take the survey for that group. Don't look at the other until you've finished taking your poll, either (if at all; you can always wait for me to type up the results and explain what I'm doing here). Obviously I can't enforce this, but it would help keep the results unbiased if you followed that rule.

Now that that's out of the way, let me explain the poll itself.

There will be a list of thirty character concepts--twenty general ones and ten based on relationships. You'll be asked to rate each one from 1 to 20 based on likability, with 1 for a concept describing a kitten-raping, baby-eating Nazi and 20 for a concept describing a saint who erased all the suffering in the world by the sheer goodness of their heart. Then you'll be asked to apply this same 0 to 20 scale based on how interesting the concept is--how interested you'd be in watching them on screen or reading or writing about them.

Don't dwell too long on the details; go with your initial reaction, if possible. Don't try to figure out if each blurb represents a specific character in a specific fandom--some do, some don't, and some did once but have been tweaked, but all of them are fairly vague, and that's deliberate.

Now there will be two posts, each with a poll for a specific group, and you can get to filling out the poll for your group. Thanks in advance for participating!
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Fandoms, take two.

This has gotten a bit messy, huh? Anyway, by popular demand, a tickybox version of the fandom question from the last poll.

Poll #729169 Ticky/Box OTP

Check all fandoms you participate in.

Books/comic books
Video games
Real person fiction

For clarification: only check fandoms you actively participate in. So if you do meta and read fanfiction for SGA and Firefly, but you watched Fullmetal Alchemist when it rolled around on Adult Swim and never got into the terrors of the fandom, just check "Television/movies" and not "Anime/manga."
Michiko/Atsuko, psst
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Preliminary poll

To kick things off, here's a poll to get an idea of the general composition of the people participating.

Poll #729102 Demographics

What's your gender?


How old are you?

Under 13
13 through 17
18 through 24
25 through 30
31 through 36
Over 36

What category is your primary fandom?

Books/comic books
Video games

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So we meet again, fandom. This time, I am conducting a Serious Business study of the way we perceive characters and their likability.

In a few days, once I have enough people in this community, I'll be posting a survey. (For reasons that will be explained later, it will be friendslocked--that's why I need participants to join the community.) Please join and friend this community if all of the following apply:

1) You consider yourself a member of fandom, regardless of how actively you participate in fic, art, meta, what have you.
2) You watch your friendslist closely enough that when the survey shows up, you'll be able to take it within a few days.
3) You're willing to put a few minutes into filling out the survey in question.

Curiosity doesn't hurt, either.

I'd like to get at least thirty people in on this, at a bare minimum. The more, the better, though.

EDIT: So that people know what they're getting into, let me quickly outline what the survey will be like here--you'll be given a list of thirty brief blurbs describing a character concept, and you'll be asked to rate that concept first on its likability and second on its ability to interest you. When the polls are finished, I'll explain my hypotheses and methodology and how the results turned out.

BRIDE OF EDIT: There is now a demographics poll up for participants.